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Get Out

Jordan Peele’s film 'Get Out’ is nothing short of brilliant, and it feels like a cinematic indictment on the new Trump administration. The movie is billed as a horror but I fear this may ostracise cinema-goers from what is really a searing racial and political commentary. It is essential viewing; a polygraph for racism - are you ready to take the test? Peele skilfully layers the suspense, reminiscent of the claustrophobic paralysis of Rosemary’s Baby. The psychological terror is real but history only shows us how far the chattel slavery and white supremacist attitudes go back. Peele reminds us that the world today offers us no answer to when such lunacy and fear will end, despite the liberal racism that is as insidiously dangerous as the idiots in the white sheets. The acting is impeccable: Allison Williams is intelligently sublime, not least in a pivotal scene where she looks for her keys. I would love to write more, this movie could birth a PHD but there will be no spoilers here as I urge everyone to see it and don't want to spoil it for you (PS do not watch the trailer - as usual they show too much). We’re not even in April and I wonder if we’ve already peaked for 2017 cinema. FYI, Jordan Peele, I’m currently writing the screenplay for my novel The Good Enough Mother...

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