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Irreconcilable Differences

I hated her from the beginning.

It was never going to be easy. First of all there was nowhere to go; no room. It was so claustrophobic, she was practically on top of me. Then when I was sleeping she was just getting up.

"Alice, the doctor will see you now."

Different schedules, different lives, different people. She loved my mothers voice, which sounded like a battery operated drill to me. I hated the way she always did the right thing, sat quietly, waited. I kicked out when I was angry. She always had this suffering, martyred look on her face whereas I just did what made me happy - wasn't that the best way to spread happiness?

"Getting closer, you must be excited?"

Sometimes, when she had her eyes closed, softly trembling like a starfish in the water, I thought about putting my hands over her face until she stopped breathing but I couldn't do it. For one thing, it definitely wasn't the perfect crime what with there only being one suspect, and though I hated her I loved her too - that was what it was to be sisters.

"Lie down Alice. Lets have a look. This is your twenty week scan. The gel will feel a bit cold. Well, Alice, looks like you're having twins. Two girls, how sweet."

My night, always her day. My will, never her way. Another twenty weeks and then we're out. Thanks for nothing mother. See you on the other side sis. Maybe outside I'll feel different. Maybe we just need some space.

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